Professional training expert. Facilitator.
    Conscious & Integral leader 
    Conscious meditations on integral action : REMAS.
    Holistic therapist. Meditation. Relaxation facilitator. Spiritual Guide
    Specialist in providing tailored services to customers.
    Management, innovation and evaluation of educational and general projects.
    Expert in Training Needs Assessment.
    An intuitive thinker. Knowledgeable in human temperaments



    Passion for expansion of consciousness, quality education,
    integral health and human development.

    "Live well, laugh often and love much"..!
    In Lak'ech (I am another You)
    Hala Ken (You are another myself). UNO.


    Conscious & Integral Leadership

    3,500 Clients served

    Conscious Meditations
    in Integral Action

    Individual. Teams. Organizations.

    Professional Training Expert
    & Facilitator

    Individual. Teams. Organizations.

    Holistic  Business
    English & Spanish

    Facilitator of Meditations -Relaxation and coherent actions

    Mentoring. Coaching. Facilitating. Training. Teaching

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    Conscious & Integral Leadership

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    Conscious meditations in integral action

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    UNIFICADOS  Holistic Center

    CEO. Founder. Integral & Conscious Leader in Action. Holistic Life & Spiritual Guide. Senior Consultant      www.unificados.com
    Jan 2009 – Present

    Tools for developing a better life. Holistic healing. Inner Peace. Holistic happiness, abundance and human development

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    ANLI Specialized English

    Top Executive Trainer/ eLearning-TailoredServices-Training Center Director- Certifications Specialist  1994 – Present

    Founder. Creator of ANLI Method for learning languages.
    Director and Business English Consultant

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    AMMJE Asociacion Mexicana de Mujeres Empresarias

    Miembro Activo Mesa Directiva Veracruz- Área Capacitación Profesional 2009 – Present

    Miembro Activo Mesa Directiva Veracruz- Área Capacitación Profesional at AMMJE Asociacion Mexicana de Mujeres Empresarias

    Buscar la unidad de la mujer empresaria apoyando su participación hacia mejores oportunidades que nos permitan generar empleos y riqueza, logrando equidad y justicia en un plano democrático.

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    UNIFICADOS Holistic Center

    "Fom the Soul" -Therapist- Tzolkin and Energy Reader & Healer Aug 2007 – Present

    Esencia, Energía, Unidad, Desarrollo Humano, Sanación Holística, eLearning, Desde El Alma, Calendario Maya, Unificar, Unificados, Unidad, UNO, riqueza holística, Educación, Yoga, Medicina Alternativa, Inglés Especializado

    El Proceso de Unidad abre nuestros corazones y sentidos a la riqueza de la vida en todas sus manifestaciones.

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    UNIFICADOS Holistic Center

    Founder. CEO - Director- Meditation-Relaxation-Action Facilitator. Holistic Life Master Coach . Spiritual Guide.

    Aug 2007 – Present

    Generate new deals for the Holistic Center development company.
    Give Consultation and Holistic Therapies.
    Energy Healer.
    Give relaxation and meditation sessions to therapists and general public; using different types of meditation , according to the patient /group needs
    Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. Develop brand strategy and statistics systems.
    Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development.
    Advising new businesses on Holistic Services , formation of holistic therapists, holistic corporations and business structures, drafting privacy policies and structuring commercial transactions.
    Generate new development deals for Holistic Centers and Therapists.
    Instruction on techniques for prevention of different energy blockages,
    Give onsite and offsite classes.

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    UNIFICADOS Holistic Center

    CEO. Founder. Holistic Master Coach & Therapist. Meditation Teacher. Apr 2007 – Present

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    Unificados Holistic Center

    Relaxation- Meditation & Holistic Life Coach Apr 1997 – Present

    Providing bilingual sessions of Relaxation-Meditation Sessions - Boca del Rio, Veracruz. Mexico. More information at : info@unificados.com -Ana Acosta Patoni - Unificados Holistic Center Director & Holistic Master Coach www.unificados.com +52 1 229 9554061

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    ANLI Specialized English

    Business English Teacher Apr 1994 – Present

    Founder and  CEO of ANLI. Creator of ANLI ´s method of learning languages. Responsible for providing instruction on areas such as labor relationships, finance, accounting, the stock market, the economy, human resources, and business operations.

    Deliver instruction on business topics such as the principles of marketing, how to operate a business, and the financial aspects of business.
    Improve students' knowledge of business practices.
    Teach business topics such as basic economics, resume writing, facts about business careers, account checking, computers, the stock market, accounting, and finance.
    Deliver the skills and knowledge necessary for students to function as responsible citizens in the business world.
    Hold seminars and lectures at local organizations.
    Keep records of grades, grade papers, and perform other administrative duties as needed.
    Write grant proposals to gain funding for further research.
    Create projects designed to enhance lectures.
    Read and stay abreast of current topics in business.
    Create lesson plans.
    Integrate competencies, goals, and objectives into lesson plans.
    Utilize curricula that reflect the diverse educational, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds of the students served.
    Develop incentives to keep participants in class.
    Develop professional relationships with other agencies and programs.
    Utilize web sites resources.
    Work with Director and CEO of ANLI, ingles especializado to ensure initiatives are being met.
    Tutor students on an individual basis.

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    Professional Training & Facilitator /Educational Training Specialist

    Professional Training & Facilitator /Educational Training Specialist Jan 1983 – Present

    Responsible for the creation of the company, services to leading companies in training in business English and Spanish. 150 teachers. 15 translators, 5 supervisors, 3 coordinators. Diagnostics and analysis of training needs and national certification and foreign Organizational Climate Diagnostics, Design, development and monitoring of internal training manuals, DNC (Training Needs Assessment), instructional design, teaching techniques, new technologies applied to companies. Programs MADE TAILORED TO CUSTOMER NEEDS AND THEIR EMPLOYEES.

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    Corporate Training & Facilitator.
    Educational Training Specialist. eLearning.

     Corporate Training & Facilitator. Educational Training Specialist. eLearning.  Jan 1983 – Present

    Management, innovation and evaluation of educational projects. 
    Responsible for the creation of the company.
    Services to leading companies in training in business English and Spanish. 150 teachers. 15 translators, 5 supervisors, 3 coordinators.
    Diagnostics and analysis of training needs and international certifications. Design, development and monitoring of internal training manuals, DNC (Training Needs Assessment), Instructional Design, Teaching Techniques. New technologies applied to companies.
    Individual projects, group, business, academia, consulting in Languages​​, Human Development, Training and Examinations International Business Event, Distance Education and On-line.

    Main Clients:
    PriceWaterhouseCoopers (3.500 TOEIC TOEFL and nationally, responsible for scheduling training and the merger of Pricewaterhouse Coopers),
    Head of the programs, local and foreign training of partners and managers at national level ...),
    Gillette , 32 Gillette group companies, formed the Quality Wall.
    Contributed to the formation of the Training Centre, responsible for staff training and certification in English.
    Coca Cola FEMSA, a leading provider for management personnel and administrative management in Mexico City.

    Smurfit Paper and Board, Alstom Power, IFF, Zeneca Pharma. American Soybean Association, the Energy Regulatory Commission, Anheuser Busch, UNITEC, ARCO, FORTEC, GEO Group, Carazo and Morayta, Chem-Trend, Braun, Parker, Jafra. Carazo and Morayta. San Luis Corporation. Articles Troquelados Manon. Bank Of America. Bital. Chem Trend. Fortec. Goldman Sachs. Electropura. Elektra. I.C.A and some other Companies...

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    Team Captain May 2013 – Nov 2014

    60+ Countries
    From the United States to Ghana, from Austria to Antarctica, from Peru to South Korea, people all over the world are joining in the first ever international relay for GYN Cancers. Globe-athon is an unprecedented, international call-to-action that will shine a light on below the belt cancers.

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    Universidad del Valle de México

    Business Innovation/Tourism & Hospitality/ Ethics & Values Professor Aug 2012 – Nov 2014

    *I was in charge of the Project: Planting Trees, Rescuing Values"    I directed   Seven groups of high school students. We planted 300 trees in different areas of Veracruz & Boca del Río, and are taking care of them"
    *I created a website with a Virtual Anthology for my students.. *Among other events, we collected funds to help three communities to be self-sustaining :: "San Juan", "Pajaritos" and "Nacaxtle" through a musical event called
    "The Gathering". Every student from first semester of high school participated and all the money we raised, was donated to the Red Cross in Veracruz. 

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    AMMJE Asociación Mexicana de Mujeres Empresarias

    Miembro Activo Mesa Directiva Veracruz- Área Capacitación Profesional 2009 – Nov 2014

    Responsible for training the  members of the Association and their companies and enterprises.

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    Universidad TecMilenio

    Directora fundadora y Coordinaciòn Centro de Idiomas Jan 2011 – Sep 2011

    Creation and Management of the Language Center, creation of academic programs, operating manuals, regulations, advertising guidelines., Material selection and material support, selection and hiring of teachers. Attracting students. Sale of business courses, students from the university and the general public - Professor in English-Professional and high school. TOEIC Program Officer School professors, Professional and Master.

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    Universidad TecMilenio

    Catedrática en Profesional y Preparatoria. Programas TOEIC. Jan 2010 – Aug 2011

    Professor in English and TOEIC Preparation Certifcación
    Head of Certification Programs for Teachers TOEIC.

    TecMilenio University was founded in 2002, is part of the Tecnológico de Monterrey. Educational model is based on the development and certification of competencies to be people of integrity and successful professionals. It is a cheaper option that Tecnológico de Monterrey to access a similar educational level.

    The University is linked with the productive sector through educational technology parks that allow-along with the training of professionals, contribute to the educational, economic and social development of Mexico.

    Now an education system in 21 states in Mexico which offers high school, high school bilingual careers and 25 master's degrees in business, education and information technology management, classroom formats, executives and online. It has 31 campuses and 8 offices in Mexico, which along with its Online Campus, serves over 23,000 students served by 2,000 teachers.

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    Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

    Professor. Teacher Trainer. Creator of Engish Academy Jan 2008 – Jun 2009

    Professor. Creation of the English Academy. I supported the hiring of the English Language Department personnel, "NotIbero" - Digital Magazine in Puebla, Tlaxcala and Veracruz. Creator and writer on "PRO" (magazine for teachers). I was responsible for the link Ibero-Puebla-Ibero- Veracruz Puebla in English. Teacher Trainer. Education and training to take the IELTS test.

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    Tecnológico de Monterrey

    TOEFL trainer and Senior Professor at Professional Studies. 2006 – 2008

    TOEFL trainer and Senior Professor at Professional Studies.

    The Tecnológico de Monterrey is a Mexican private educational institution that was founded in 1943. At the present time it has campuses distributed throughout the country, and academic centers in Mexico and other Latin American countries; it also has international offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Through its Virtual University it is present all over the world, by means of learning networks and advanced information technologies.

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    Universidad TecMilenio

    Ethics and English Professor 2006 – 2008

    Universidad TecMilenio del Sistema Tecnológico de Monterrey, un sistema educativo con presencia nacional e internacional, a través de sus campus y un campus en línea, con un modelo educativo único e innovador que forma profesionistas con las competencias que requieren las empresas y organizaciones de hoy.

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    ITTC International Training and Testing Center

    Directora 2003 – 2006

    Founder. CEO. Directora / Socia/ Profesora de Inglés y Español/ Teacher Trainer.
    Centro de idiomas y Centro Autorizado y Certificado TOEIC ®, TOEFL®.ITP , TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON®.
    Principales Clientes: Cargo Mex PricewaterhouseCoopers. Tenaris Tamsa. Scotia Inverlat. Cemex, Loram Saint of Way, Performance Boats, Colegio La Salle de Veracruz y más.

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    ANLI SC Idiomas Empresariales

    Fundadora. CEO. Directora 1993 – 2002

    Centro Autorizado y Certificado TOEIC ®, TOEFL®.ITP ,TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON®.
    Responsable de la creación de la empresa, servicios a empresas de primer nivel en capacitación en inglés y español de negocios.
    150 profesores. 15 traductores, 5 supervisores, 3 coordinadores.

    Desde Diagnósticos y análisis de necesidades de capacitación y certificación nacional y extranjera, Diagnósticos de Clima Organizacional, Diseños, elaboración y seguimiento de manuales internos de capacitación.


    Proyectos individuales, grupales, empresariales, académicos, Consultoría en Idiomas, Desarrollo Humano, Capacitación y Exámenes Internacionales, Organización de eventos empresariales, Educación a distancia y On-line.

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    Instituto Anglo Mexicano de Cultura AC (The Anglo)

    Profesora de Inglés a altos ejecutivos. División de Servicios Especiales 1993 – 1994

    Consultora en el idioma inglés.
    Centro Autorizado de Exámenes Internacionales del idioma inglés.

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    Subgerente de Relaciones Laborales a Nivel Nacional / Negociadora de Convenios 1987 – 1990

    Telmex es la compañía líder de telecomunicaciones en América Latina, con operaciones en México, Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Perú y Estados Unidos. Ha realizado inversiones sin precedente por unos 29 mil millones de dólares durante el periodo 1990-2005, para asegurar el crecimiento y la modernización de su infraestructura, desarrollando así una plataforma tecnológica 100% digital que opera una de las redes de fibra óptica más avanzadas a nivel mundial y que incluye conexiones vía cable submarino con 39 países.

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    Assistant to General Director 1985 – 1987

    Assistant to General Director


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    Berlitz Corporation

    Director of Method and English Teacher 1985 – 1987

    Directora de Método y Profesora de Inglés de Negocios
    Llider mundial en la enseñanza de idiomas durante mas de un siglo, ofrece el metodo mas serio y eficaz para la enseñanza de una segunda lengua

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    Berlitz Corporation

    Spanish and English Teacher 1985 – 1987

    Professor of Spanish for business. I was in charge of the program for Spanish for Business.
    Administrative Assistant. Berlitz method

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    Tecnológico de Monterrey

    Fundadora/Rep.Legal/ Asistente del Director General/ Directora de Biblioteca y Centro de Idiomas 1979 – 1983

    El Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) es una universidad privada fundada en 1943 en la ciudad de Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. Fue la primera universidad de América Latina en conectarse al Internet en el año de 1989. Además, es la encargada de manejar el dominio de registro del país (mx), a través de NIC México, ubicado en el campus de la ciudad de Monterrey.

    El Tecnológico de Monterrey es una institución educativa con fines no lucrativos que alberga a miles de estudiantes de distintas nacionalidades de todo el mundo con la finalidad de prepararlos
    en el ámbito profesional, moral y comprometidos con la sociedad, una actual sociedad que exige jóvenes visionarios capaces de transformar la situación actual del país.

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    Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Cuernavca

    Educación Continua y Programas Internacionales Jun 1980 – Dec 1982

    International Programs Mission is to promote and enrich the academic and personal development of students and Master Practitioner of Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Cuernavaca, through a process of internationalization.

    I was in charge of academic and cultural exchanges and offering different options for studying aboard and homestays. I also used to take some groups of students to Different Schools in England, France, Spain, italy and Germany.

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    Cuernavaca Language School (CIDOC Centro Intercultural de Documentación

    Instructora y Profesora del Español como Segunda Lengua 1975 – 1976

    The CLS was founded in 1960 by Dr. Ivan Illich+ as the "Centro Intercultural de Documentación", better known as CIDOC. The School is one of Mexico's oldest and most respected language institutes. Our teaching methods facilitate rapid improvement in Spanish language skills regardless of the student's current ability. Our approach is through total immersion.


    In Laak Ech - I am another yourself
    Hala Ken - You are another me


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    Universidad TecMilenio

    Diplomada Diplomado en Innovación Gestión y Evaluación de Proyectos Educativos. 2010 – 2010

    Brindar al participante un ambiente de aprendizaje que le conducirá en la construcción de conocimientos y desarrollo de habilidades para el logro y aplicación de una visión innovadora en su práctica profesional dentro del contexto educativo, a través de desarrollo de habilidades personales, sociales y organizacionales dirigidas al logro de la calidad educativa.

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    ECommerce University

    Diploma eCommerce Law 2009 – 2010

    e Commerce Law Diploma

    broken image

    University of Cambridge

    English Teacher Teaching Knowledge Test- 2006 – 2006

    TKT -Teaching Knowledge Test- Modules , 1,2 & 3 Band 3

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    University of Oxford

    Business English Certificate Business English 1994 – 1994

    Business English Certificate

    Activities: Alpha, Delta, Kappa. Bilingual, bicultural Business English Student-teacher

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    University of Cambridge

    IELTS - Band 7 International English Language Testing System 1983 – 1986

    IELTS -International English Language Testing System- Band 7

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    Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos

    Lic. en Derecho y Ciencias Sociales Derecho, Ciencias Sociales 1975 – 1981

    President of students throughout the studies at School of Law and Social Sciences. Graduated with Honors.

    Activities: Presidente de la Asociación de Alumnos de la Escuela de Derecho.
    Presidente de Grupo en los 6 años de estudio.

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    Universidad del Valle de Mexico Veracruz

    Formación y desarrollo profesional de profesorado, materias específicas Present – Present

    Activities: Director of the Humanities Academies


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    José Alberto Ferhmann-Romero

    Training and Business Development

    Excelente y muy profesional persona. Siempre buscado la forma de crecer en todos los àmbitos de su vida

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    Porfirio Linares

    CFO. Sub-director. Specialist in Operational and Financial issues in Oil & Gas, Retail & Banking industries-Bus.Advisory

    Shrewd thinker. Deep knowledge of teaching-learning sciences, both academical and practical. Holistic perspective of issues. Natural sympathy that easily attracts people to achieve tasks. Role model in ethical behavior.

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    Oscar Heredia

    Tax and Bussines Advisory

    Ana Lilia es una excelente profesional, con una gran integridad y etica profesional. Posee un gran experiencia como catedrática en el idioma de inglés de negocios, por lo cual, la recomiendo ampliamente.

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    Luis Cueto

    Owner at Sushi Caliente

    I fully recommend Ms. Acosta Patoni for any position regarding corporate and language training. Ms. Acosta Patoni has ample experience and a brilliant career as a top corporate executive at the largest private corporation in Mexico.

    Ms. Acosta Patoni has also excelled in the area of language training having created a successful company that trains high level executives of Fortune 500 companies. Her success is not only the result of many years of academic preparation but because she has extraordinary people skills and the true calling of a teacher who puts love and energy in training her students. They love her.

    I have been lucky to have worked with Ms. Acosta Patoni in some small projects and truly look forward to working with her again in the future.

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    Christian Galvan

    Academic Manager | Liverpool Corporate University (UVL)

    Ana Lilia is a goal-oriented person that will always do her best to reach the organization objectives. Her leadership, self-motivation, wide experience as a language professor and communication skills helped her to induce a proactive environment with a student-first focus.

    It was a pleasure to work with Ana Lilia as the Language Coordinator at TecMilenio Veracruz.

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    Esmeralda Bravo

    Dirección Creativa en Ochenta20

    La teacher Ana Lilia tiene un gran dominio del idioma inglés, asi como de su enseñanza. Logra que l comprendas y lo hagás parte de tu día a día; en mi caso particular hizo que me encantara aprender inglés y quererlo perfeccionar cada vez más. Sus técnicas de enseñanza son integrales, y van más allá de lo estándar. Excelente par cualquier nivel ya que amolda las clases según el nivel de los alumnos, además de ser una gran motivadora e inspirar a ser mejores.

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    Erika Guadalupe Maruri Noguez

    Gerencia Recursos Humanos Grupo las Americas

    Es una persona muy profesional misma que ante cualquier minima duda se encuentra disponible en todo momento para apoyar a la solucion de la misma

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